Malaise Forever started in March 2020, quite coincidentally at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. I recall being sent home for two weeks in March 2020 (and I am still home two years later) and thinking "these two weeks will be the perfect opportunity to work on my first run of pedals!" Suffice it to say that I had no clue how much life was about to change.

I am a graduate of THE Ohio State University (not just any Ohio State University) with a degree in psychology in 2010, and I've spent my adult life trying to force myself into professional and occupational boxes that I just didn't fit in, and thought it was just me having a bad attitude that I could change. When my daughter was born in 2015, I started to really evaluate how I was living my life in a way that didn't allow for personal happiness, or room for my passions and ambitions. I realized that one day she would ask me why I didn't try to do the things I really wanted to, and that when it happened I'd have no good answer. So I decided that I owe it to myself, and my daughter, to really believe in myself and try instead of assuming it would not work and thus not even trying.

I make circuits of my own design that are normally based on classic pedals with some distinct tweaks and new features to make them worthy of existing beyond being a mere clone of a circuit. As a bass player first and foremost, I make my pedals to bridge the gap between a guitar pedal and a bass-tailored pedal as much as I can. Adaptability and versatility are what I strive for most when creating a pedal. It's always excellent when a pedal can do one sound great, but always way more fun and worth the while when a pedal has more than one sweet spot.

The first two years of Malaise Forever saw every single enclosure being hand-drilled, hand-painted, and hand-stamped by yours truly. This gave me the freedom to try as many color combinations I could come up with and, while there were definitely flaws in the process, it was an extremely fulfilling practice and each enclosure (that came out right - I have an elephant graveyard of enclosures to which I'm giving the finger as I type this) was a labor of love. However, due to the fact that there is a high margin of error with hand-painting and stamping, difficulties in obtaining consistent colors to use, and the labor-intensive nature of doing all enclosure work myself, I've decided to work with Scott at Obscura MFG on powder coating and UV printing enclosures so that I can increase my general output and focus more on circuit design and building. As much as I love doing the enclosure work, it does take away from being able to design and troubleshoot, and doing so is why I ultimately decided to start this in the first place.

Hand-painted and stamped versions are still available at an increased price. I won't be doing runs of them, but if you want a hand-painted and weathered pedal then feel free to send an email to malaiseforevercustoms@gmail.com and we can get something going for you. Feel free to email with any other questions or just feedback. I love this pedal and musical community and it has changed my life in ways I no longer thought possible to become a part of this industry. I sincerely thank every single person reading this, or who has ever liked a photo on Instagram, or shown any interest in any way. I have more pedals on the horizon that aren't just dirt, but I want to get those right instead of rushing to finish. Again, thank you for your interest and your patience and I hope to be able to reward you for these very soon.