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It's a simple enough statement, and simply true, but this still somehow manages to create controversy. More than that, it fails to generate long-lasting meaningful interest in the idea of dismantling institutions and reject ideas that are inherently systemically racist, sexist, or otherwise exclusionary. Some people, even people of relative prominence, still see it fit to speak out against those who fight for equity and equality, and of course see no problem in using sexist language to further racist agendas.

A collaboration between Malaise Forever and Noise Therapy FX, The BLM Drive is our way of supporting those who continue to push forward the agenda of defunding the police as a means to stop the ongoing senseless brutalization and murder of its citizenry, and creating a more even-tempered system of social programs to serve the underlying needs of communities. Also, it is our way of reminding everyone of the underlying message here. Too often we see momentum redirected as time goes on and it ends up dying out because people are partially satisfied but wholly confused. Great as it is, it isn't about removing statues or renaming schools and sports teams. It's about the fact that Black lives matter.

The pedal itself features a volume control (left), tone control (middle), gain control (right), and a toggle to switch for high and low peak. It is a very smooth drive and can produce gain high enough to border on gnarly distortion, but it excels at lower drive tones. TONS of headroom make this a very loud pedal that can push any amp to breakup, and MOSFET clippers give it a dark, spongy finish that gives the drive a warm tube-like tone.

We are very proud to announce that we were able to donate a grand total of $5,297.08 to BLM-related charities in 2020 due directly to this pedal. THANK YOU ALL!


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